Bespoke Publications


The modern-day Coffee Table Book is a decorative asset which can create the most imaginative of conversations and enliven any room with surprise and entertainment.

This is more than a standard Photo Book, so much more than an electronic photo album. They are treasure troves of information, imagination, motivation, emotions and flights of fantasy.


Because a great story deserves a great book!

It’s taken teamwork, commitment, passion and vision and soon you will celebrate golden years in business, years that you can all be extremely proud of. This is your company’s story, a story that needs to be told...and retold.

Known for our beautiful melange of comprehensive coffee table publications, Hundred Communications today has become synonymous with the concept Bespoke Communications. Our corporate Coffee Table Books are ideal for:

  • Corporate Marketing Tool - To promote your business or past projects
  • New Projects - Property Developers, Artistes and experts across various fields to promote and give an exclusive preview     of their upcoming ventures
  • Retirement / Farewell gifts – To be given to employees and clients
  • Corporate Gifting – Mark the festival season by creating special coffee table books on your line of work to be gifted to     your esteemed clients and friends
  • Real Estate – A beautiful gift for new project for the exclusive clientele
  • Weddings – Shun the wedding albums and rewrite your saga of romance through specially curated coffee table books      that you would cherish for a lifetime